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Tattooartist – Mike DeVries

Tätowierer Mike DeVries USA

Tattooartist - Mike DeVries

Mike DeVries
Art Junkies Tattoo Studio
14757 Bear Valley rd. Suite 5,Hesperia, CA. 92345






I was born in ‘79 and was raised in Southern California, in and around the Encino area, about 20 minutes north of Hollywood. I’ve always been into art ever since I was little, always doodling scary faces on any piece of paper I could find. My appreciation to art really started when I got into collecting comic books,I loved the style of art; my favorite had to be the Spawn comics. I have never really had any formal art training such as college or art school, other than the basic art class in high school that focused on painting and drawing,untill recently ive finally gotten myself enrolled in an art college which has been alot of fun.
After I graduated high school in ’97, I went straight to work with my old man in construction, doing mostly residential remodelling. It pretty much sucked; actually it wasn’t so bad, I thought I would be doing it forever, and eventually one day taking over the family business. I remember when I was about 16 years old, a buddy of mine came by to show me his new tattoo, and of course the next day I had to go get one. I did ask my parents for permission and I was very surprised they said yes. It was all over after that, I was hooked and I thought that was just the coolest job ever, I continued to get tattooed for years and I always paid close attention to the art and the process of tattooing, not knowing I would ever actually be doing it. I didn’t really know how to start, but knew it was for me. One day in the beginning of 2003 when I was getting tattooed by Jim Hayek, he offered to teach me, after a random talk about it. I had to scrounge up some cash and do some construction work on his home in order to apprentice. I didn’t waste any time, I started working on his house the next day, and soon after he started teaching me. It was a short apprenticeship, a few months of training, Right away I went and bought all the necessary equipment and started tattooing on all my buddy’s, after work and on weekends. Within a year I was able to quit work with my Dad and do this full time. It has been great, and has turned my life into an art world. Most of the time it doesn’t even seem like work, it’s more like I get to do a great hobby all day, every day.

I started to get into painting and other art mediums after seeing a couple of Jim’s paintings. I wanted to buy one off of him; he had done a cool painting of kid rock, I asked him how much he wanted for it and he said, come over and I will teach you how to do it yourself. That day I went out and bought an easel and some cheap paint brushes and I started doing that in my spare time, Jim did the rock stars and since I’m a big movie fan, I did some of my favorite movie characters and scenes. So far I’ve only painted on big canvases with acrylic paint but I would love to try oils and get into air brushing one day. I haven’t done a lot of paintings but you can check them out in the galleries link, I haven’t painted in over a year but be on the look-out for more soon!

Some of my art inspirations are Mc Escher and Salvadore Dali. Which are two of my favorites, as well as Kunio Hagio and Michael Godard. For my tattoo inspirations there are so many awesome tattoo artists to list, and that I look up to, but to name a few have to be Bob Tyrell, Tom Renshaw, Robert Hernandez, Joe Capobianco, Guy Atchison, Nick Baxter, and my buddy’s Carson Hill and Mike de Masi. They have all influenced my work in one way or another, and last but not least Big Jim Hayek, if it wasn’t for him I would still be diggin’ ditches!
I’m hoping to expand my abilities, to achieve the upmost realistic piece’s on skin. Portraits, animals, and pin-ups are my favorite things to do; anything that is real, With the great artists I mentioned above who produce kick ass work, day in and day out, drives me to do great work and the push the limits as well


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